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          Social responsibility

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          Social responsibility

          Social commitment

          While realizing the enterprise's own economic value and cultural inheritance, it has made a commitment to people, society and nature. We are committed to upholding high standards of social ethics in our contacts with all employees, suppliers and business partners.

          Safety and environment

          The company creates a healthy and safe working environment to ensure that employees work in a good and safe environment. We implement environmental protection, take the initiative to assume responsibility for environmental protection, make good use of resources, and control the impact of production and service on the environment.

          Human rights

          We respect all employees and ensure compliance with all applicable laws, regulations and human rights declarations.
          No forced or involuntary labour in any form
          Non-use of illegal labour
          Resolute non-use of child labour
          Eliminate discrimination on grounds of sex, race, colour, religion and nationality

          Enterprise practice

          Actively Promote and Continuously Improve the Standardization Construction of Safety Production in Enterprises
          Through Intertek, ELEVATE, UL and other third-party social responsibility audits

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          Address: Suzhou City, Wuzhong District, Dongshan Town, Fenghuangshang Road 46
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