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          1992 Established Hongda Light Industry Excipients Factory to develop clothing trademark business;
          In 1995, the company's expansion business was renamed as the Hongda trademark printing factory;
          In 1997, the purchase of Shanxi Taihang Mountain four-color self-adhesive label printing joint venture, officially entered the self-adhesive printing market;
          In 2001, the company changed its name to Suzhou Hongda Color Printing and Packaging Printing Co., Ltd., actively expanding the color printing market.
          In 2002, he purchased the Heidelberg 102F five-color offset press in Germany and officially entered the color carton market;
          In 2003, the new factory building (current site) was completed, and in the same year passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification;
          In 2006, the company introduced the German Manroland 900XXL full UV four-color offset printing machine, and the matching Agfa/VLF75 direct plate making system, and introduced the HP Angel FB6700 digital printing machine and the kongsbergi-LX24 multi-function cutting machine;
          In 2007, he won the "Made in the USA" Premier Print Awards Poster Excellence Award and the Large Format Printing Excellence Award;
          In 2008, he won the "Premium Print Awards" poster category award, other categories of merit awards and packaging category honors;
          In 2010 passed ISO14001 environmental management system certification;
          In 2015, forest certification;
          In 2018, it introduced several intelligent and automated post-processing equipments, upgraded its technology, and became the vice chairman unit of Suzhou Wuzhong District Printing Association;
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          Address: Suzhou City, Wuzhong District, Dongshan Town, Fenghuangshang Road 46
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